Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Houseman

Hello! I'm so excited to be spending your year in second grade together.
I'm Mrs. Houseman, and I'm loving the idea of being your teacher!

My educational journey began when I was a child. I have memories of myself as a kindergarten student begging my younger brother and sister to "play school" so I could be their teacher. They have never let me live it down, but they were always willing participants. I like to think they helped me improve my craft from a young age! As I grew, I frequently found myself drawn to the energy and enthusiasm of young children. Therefore, when selecting a college, I chose Cabrini College for it's proximity and it's diverse educational program with opportunities available to me in all educational fields. My time spent there allowed me exposure to a gamut of experiences, ranging from mild to moderate special education placements and urban to rural community environments. I loved it all, and majored dually in special and elementary education, graduating and beginning my tenure in the Phoenixville Area School District in 2005.

In the upcoming years, I would marry my college sweetheart (also a teacher), purchase a home in the Borough of Phoenixville (I loved the community feel), bring home my first dog, earn my Masters of Education through Cabrini, and continue to grow as an educator. Now residing in Schuylkill Township, my Phoenixville years have been spent teaching 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade.

Beginning in 2011, my husband and I welcomed three children into our world: Brett 6, Reese 4, and Ryan 1. My love for them and my passion for being the teacher I would love them to experience their days with is my driving force everyday. In this, my 11th year teaching, I'm still learning and growing to provide the best experience and learning environment for the children I'm grateful to teach - That's you!