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Manavon Elementary School is one of the newest elementary schools in the Phoenixville Area School District.   Students who previously attended our East Pikeland Elementary School, now attend Manavon Elementary School alongside some new friends from Phoenixville Borough and Schuylkill Township.  East Pikeland Elementary School has a long history with our school district dating back to 1929.  As we move forward into our new building, our teachers, staff, students and parent community will continue to remember our roots in East Pikeland Elementary School while welcoming the new members of our school community.

The newly constructed building is located off of Pothouse Road and is on the same campus as Phoenixville Area Middle School and Phoenixville Area High School.   Our location on this campus allows for collaboration with students and staff from our secondary schools to enhance the school experience for our students.

Manavon Elementary serves students from the Phoenixville area in grades 2 through 5.  The unique design of our school spaces, including our classrooms and other common spaces throughout the building, allows us to maximize our teacher and staff talents through fostering a climate of collaboration.  Pairs of classrooms are joined by a small group instructional space between the two classrooms providing opportunity for students to flow between classes and for teachers to team up and provide the best instructional experience for our students.  On each floor there is a large group area in the hallway that provides spaces for multiple classrooms to join together in their learning experiences.  There are a set of Learning Stairs that act as a platform for large groups of students to congregate and participate in joint learning adventures.

Manavon Elementary School shares a building with the Phoenixville Area Early Learning Center which is home to our entire district’s kindergarten and first grade.  Manavon is on the west side of the building while the Early Learning Center is located on the East side.  Both schools share the center part of our building which is highlighted with a state of the art media center or library which extends through 2 floors.  Our gymnasium is a middle school size gym which will support our school physical education classes as well as host many of our middle school athletic competitions.  Surrounding our school are a variety of new athletic fields that will be used by many of our students in their physical education classes and during recess while providing our middle school and high school teams with a local place to practice and compete.

Manavon Elementary School is committed to raising the bar and helping students achieve their full potential and beyond. Our long-time motto is and always will be: “Reaching for the Stars”. Our school community is proud of our student achievement and we continue to work together to foster excellence and growth throughout every classroom.


Robyn Spear
Manavon Elementary School
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